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Eyestyle ES012 Unisex Frame

Eyestyle ES012

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Eyestyle ES012 - Reading Glasses

Eyestyle ES012 are modern reading glasses. The frames are made of plastic material. There are various colors used for constructing the eyeglass frames. The tortoise color is used in this ES012 model. They are very convenient to use and it is used for both men and women. These reading glasses are the best for readers who love reading glasses more. The Frames are round. It gives more look and style to the people. Any of the frames, however, can be converted into prescription reading glasses, and the retailer sells frames with magnetic clip-ons. We can convert to any type of eyeglasses lenses like single, bifocal or progressive lenses. The Eyestyle ES012 reading glasses are accessible with your eye prescription 

Item specifics

Brand: Eyestyle 

Model: Eyestyle ES012

Type: Reading glasses

Style: Modern

Frame Color: Tortoise

Lens Material: Plastic

Sexual orientation: Unisex

Prescription Lenses Available

Accessible in your prescription

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Model:Eyestyle ES012

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