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The cost of prescription safety glasses


Prescription safety glasses are a critical piece of PPE that ought to be supplied via the means of your agency in case you are doing a process that's deemed to pose a hazard on your eyes. You can also additionally by no means ask how a prescription safety glasses price.

However, there is probably a time when you are seeking out a couple of prescription safety glasses on-line for yourself or are required to shop for a couple of prescription safety glasses after which you declare the cash out of your agency.

In those occasions it's miles beneficial to have a concept of the way a great deal of prescription safety glasses price and what alternatives are probably to be had to you to both lessen the price or growth the safety to be had.

Which prescription safety glasses ought I pick?

Firstly, in phrases of safety all prescription safety glasses ought to be EN166 rated in case you are primarily based totally in Europe or ANSI rated in case you are primarily based totally in the USA.  If there's something which you ought to search for while shopping for safety glasses, that is it!

Secondly, you'll then additionally want to think about what you want your safety glasses for.  For example, in case you are operating in a dusty environment, you would possibly pick protection glasses with a dirt dam in order to assist save you particles from attaining your eyes.  If you're exterior in your process, you would possibly don't forget to include a UV coating on your lenses to save you eye harm from the sun.

There are masses of alternatives to pick from and every person, process and pair of protection glasses are particular.  For this reason, the price of prescription protection glasses on-line can range dramatically.

So, how a great deal are prescription safety glasses?

As referred to earlier, your safety glasses ought to be rated for safety requirements in keeping within which you stay within side the world.

A fundamental pair of EN166 rated prescription safety glasses with unmarried vision (distance or reading) ought to price you around £60 – £70 (plus any VAT and transport charges).  This will commonly be for polycarbonate clean lenses and no coatings.

We have used Prescription Safety Glasses Model 15011 for this demonstration which can be our maximum famous protection body at Safety Protection Glasses.

If you're seeking out a unique lens kind which includes bifocal or varifocal, this may increase the price of your prescription safety glasses.  In this situation you may be searching at around £85 or £92 respectively.

How a great deal do unique lens substances price in prescription protection glasses?

The lens cloth which you pick also can have an effect on the price of your universal protection glasses.  The enterprise popular is polycarbonate as that is a protection rated cloth that is also used for excessive effect and usually seemed because the enterprise is popular.

How much do prescription safety glasses cost?

However, you would possibly additionally be supplied Trivex. This cloth is lighter and thinner than polycarbonate and gives a barely higher optical readability.  They are very comparable in phrases in their low affect resistance skills and so the best advantage might be a higher optical readability at the Trivex. This might upload another £10 (plus VAT) on your fees.

High Index Plastics also are generally used while a prescription is +/-3.00 as it may make the lens thinner for folks who frequently have what we call ‘milk bottle’ lenses.  The lenses we preserve are available 1.67 and 1.74 High Indexes.  There are no advantages when you have a normal prescription to the use of High Index plastics.  However, in case you require this lens cloth it'd be another £35 (plus VAT) or £95 (plus VAT) respectively.

How much do tinted lenses cost?

Lens shades in your glasses also can be a critical choice with a purpose to be pushed via the means of what you want your glasses for.  Most safety glasses might be supplied with clean lenses as popular; however, you would possibly have a choice to replace the clean lenses for extra tints which include yellow, orange, smoke etc.  Adjusting the color of your lenses will let you see higher in a few conditions, which include, yellow tinted lenses for low mild conditions, brown lenses for improved contrast.

You can study our Lens Colors article in our Resource Centre to discover extra approximately the unique shades to be had.

If you pick to feature colored lenses on your body this may upload among £10 – £15 onto your body choice.  If you make a decision to go together with a polarized option, this may upload £50 on your overall and the addition of Transition or Photochromic lenses will upload between £50 – £90 onto your overall price.

How much do lens coatings cost?

You will then want to determine in case you require any lens coatings in your glasses.  Lens coatings may be a beneficial addition in growing the toughness of your glasses.

Lens coatings can consist of Anti-Scratch coating, UV safety, Anti Fog, Anti Reflective or Anti Reflective with Blue Blocker Coating and may be implemented all collectively or now no longer at all.  Some jobs can also additionally require the addition of a UV coating if they may be operating outdoors or an anti-scratch coating if they may be operating in a dusty environment.  Which lens coating you pick will rely on what kind of process you do or what extra safety you would love to feature on your frames.

An Anti-Scratch or UV Coating will upload another £10 on your order.  An Anti-Fog everlasting coating, an Anti-Reflective coating or an Anti-Reflective with Blue Blocker coating will all upload another £50 on your order.

You can blend and healthy the lens coatings as you require them however be conscious that because of the drying instances among every coating this will upload overtime directly to the manufacturing of your order.