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5 Trends in Reading Glasses to Try This Season


It's a new year and you may need to update your eyewear. Before you buy your favorite frames, it might be a good idea to know the trends in readers frame styles and colors for 2023. For many people, eyewear is a very personal accessory that can add chic, classy flair and personality. You can find the perfect style and fit for your glasses. Read on to find out more about which frames are hip and trending this new year. Fashion trends change with the seasons, be it colors, clothing, or accessories. Our reading glasses are no exception! And while there are certainly classic leaders who are always stylish, there are also a couple who are a little more fashionable. Check out 5 trends in reading eyewear that will keep you stylish.


  1. Two-Tone Frame

Twice as colorful, twice as fun. If you're looking to add a little extra flair to your wardrobe, but don't want to experiment with quirky shapes and textures, you might be interested in a two-tone frame. It's a fun wearable trend to watch.


  1. Materials Mixed Frames

Who says plastic and metal don't mix well? One of our favorite reading glasses trends this season is mixed material frames. These are reading glasses containing two or more materials. If you're looking for a more modern and sophisticated look, you'll love the mixed material leader.


  1. Print Frames

If you thought prints were just scarves and wallpapers, think again. From flowers to marble, our printed readers have quickly become customer favorites. To brighten up any outfit, try one of our many printed reading glasses.


  1. Retro frame

Sound familiar? One of the trends we see in reading glasses is the resurgence of retro-style readers. From the wire-like metal leader to the chunky frame, these retro-inspired reading glasses are a playful nod to the past.


  1. Gadget Reading Glasses

Reading glasses for the 21st century! These modern readers are not only stylish, but they are also very practical. Two frames that you may find useful are The Anchor, which features a removable neck strap, and The Peace polarized magnetic bifocals, a model that uses magnets to connect polarized lenses. 


For a hyper-futuristic look, men can turn to geometric patterned glasses. They are generally octagonal and hexagonal. Edges can accentuate facial features if properly styled. On the other hand, wire glasses are popular among men because of their delicate and smooth texture. Wire glass exudes a delicate and sophisticated aesthetic. No matter what style you choose, your glasses will always look great when you wear them with confidence. 

While there may be specifications for styles that can be worn by men and women, most readers frames today are flexible enough to fit both men and women. is the largest network chain to help to choose the right reading glasses as per your prescription. Go and check for more readers by visiting This year's women's trend Her style is oversized frames that exude distinctive and bold designs. In general, you can try the frame anytime this year 2023. You can switch between retro and classic for today's trends. This year's women's trend Her style is oversized frames that exude distinctive and bold designs.